No Flash vs Manual Shooting

Up until last year, I always set my DSLR to “no flash” to take pictures. My camera did all the hard work for me, and I still got pretty ok images without terrible flash marks. I thought it was good enough. Then I read a wonderful blog post about shooting in manual vs shooting auto no flash. It got me wondering how much better I could push my photography. honestly, it’s a little bit of a pain sometimes, because you’re in the zone shooting, and sometimes forget to check your settings. If you get yourself into a habit of checking every few shots, you’ll be fine, and soon you’ll be doing it without really thinking about it. Don’t take my word for it though.. Below is my most recent example. I was driving home, and these two images are straight out of the camera.

No Flash - Auto

No Flash – Auto


f5.6 ; 1/125sec ; ISO – 160

Here’s a link to the original article that I read on how to shoot in manual:

Good Luck! – Jess
PS: Happy Thanksgiving! What am I most thankful for this year (besides my friends, family, & health)? Pushing myself to keep learning. 😉