Why I edit, even if the pictures looks good SOOC (straight out of the camera)

The more you learn about your camera, the better the pictures you take will be. I have taken a lot of pictures lately that I say I could post straight out of the camera. While that may be true, I still edit anyways. The 2ish minutes it takes me to edit, are the twoish minutes that show that I’m a photographer, and not just someone who likes to take pictures.

LandenMohr1.10.15_0144 original-XL
Baby Landen – January 2015 – SOOC
Baby Landen – January 2015 – Edited (took less than 5 minutes)

White the first image is ok, the second one has much better color. The extra couple minutes gave my client something that they could cherish forever, and proudly show off..

Take the extra couple minutes, you’ll love the results!


8 thoughts on “Why I edit, even if the pictures looks good SOOC (straight out of the camera)

    1. Actually I don’t. I don’t even have lightroom at the moment. I work with GIMP & Windows Live Photo Gallery to edit my images. It takes a little longer, but I want my images to look good, and I just don’t have the money for Lr right now. And thank you!

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      1. That’s awesome! I didn’t know that. I have Adobe creative suite & photoshop.. But I’ve gotten used to getting the results I want with what I’ve got, so I’m not sure how inclined I feel to try something else right now..

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