{{.Crazy Traffic Accident.}}

Today is turning into a crazier day than I ever imagined it would be.. Driving home from the bank, Jillie & I almost ended up in a bad accident. Headed down rt9 towards worc from westborough, right at the 135 entrance, a tractor trailer decided not to stop at the stop sign. The dump truck that was only 1 car ahead of me stopped, and so did I (and the people behind me). The dump truck did NOT have enough time to stop, and instead of hitting the tractor trailer truck, he slammed on the brakes and cut the wheel, so he hit the jersey barrier instead of the other truck. THANKFULLY, everyone was ok, just shaken. The dump truck smashed the barrier, but no other cars were involved and no injuries. I stayed and so did the guy in front of me. We made sure that the officer taking statements knew it wasn’t the dump truck drivers fault and that he was ok before we left. It was scary though.

I think the other guy who stayed with the driver & I until the police arrived said it best.. “It could have been so much worse, the [dump truck] driver saved lives.”

Thank you, dump truck driver, for your amazing driving skills. I’m so glad you’re alright!!!

Accident - 01

Accident 01

Accident 02

Accident 02

Accident 04

Accident 03

Accident 05

Accident 04


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