{{.Let’s Get Local – Breakfast at Stephanie’s – South Grafton, MA.}}

I’m not much of a human being before I’ve had my coffee. In fact, I’ve overheard my mini human telling her cousins that “My mommy is a bear before she’s had her coffee”! So, one day a few months back, I wandered into the cute little breakfast place that is right around the corner from my house. Oh. My. Yum!! No only is their breakfast delicious, and their staff friendly and welcoming, BUT, they have GREAT coffee too! A little confession, I’ve always had this hope that one day I would be a “regular” at a breakfast place, and that I would have a “usual”. A few weeks ago, I had that wonderful moment where we walked in, and my usual coffee order was brought over BEFORE I ordered!! It was so exciting! You can check out their facebook page here, and their gallery in the “Let’s Get Local” area of my website here.

To book your business session e-mail Jess at jess@truelifepics.com today!


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