{{.Then vs Now – 001.}}

The only person you have to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

I’m going to start a new project, called “Then VS Now”. Every week, I’ll go into my archives and grab a picture I took years ago (at least 5), and I’ll post it, side by side to show my own personal growth.

I remember a really painful moment a few years back, when I mentioned to someone that I would do their pictures for them for free if I could put them in my portfolio. They told me they wanted a real photographer to do it. Ouch. Years later though, I see the work I did then, and I’m glad they went with a pro. About 70,000 images later, I now feel I could confidently shoot their pictures, and I know I would give them frame-worthy shots.

Sometimes though, my mind wanders back to that conversation, and I feel like, at any moment, everyone will see that there is someone out there better than I am. (There is, it’s ok, that’s why we all keep growing.) I’m hoping that this project will help me to remember that I *am* growing, and I’m always getting better. Maybe that shot didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted to, so let’s figure out how to fix it.

I hope that by sharing this project with you, I can help you realize that you’re a perfectly imperfect human being too. True life is better than the fairy tale, and it is beautiful. Even if I don’t capture it for you, you should capture it for yourself.


Then vs. Now - September 18, 2015 www.truelifepics.com // facebook.com/TrueLifePicsMA

Then vs. Now – September 18, 2015
http://www.truelifepics.com // facebook.com/TrueLifePicsMA


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