Little Miss C is 1 Month Old

I just love the wide awake eyes and the little attitudes of one-month-old babies. They’re so cute!



Little Red Dress.

Do you ever just feel like you’re stuck? In a rut? Or in a creative block? Or in a small space in your head where you’re really sure that you’re not really sure about anything? That’s how I’ve felt lately. Then Katie messaged me and told me she was in town.

After seeing this little red dress, I just could NOT resist!! I’m a big fan of Go Red for Women, and a little red dress is always my favorite!


I loved so many of these that culling the images for this collage took a bit longer than normal.


Color Story RED. January 2017

I joined the Color Story Collaboration project back in June 2015 with the color blue, and I fell in love. Like most projects I started, I only lasted a few months. Back in December though, Meghan Hassold, who started the project in the first place, decided it was time to jump back in. I did red once already, back in July 2015, so it was really neat to see not only a difference that 1.5 years of shooting has caused but also a difference between summer and winter here in the Northeast US.


#ColorStoryCollab // #CaptureTrueLife