Color Story Blue. February 2017

I joined the Color Story Collaboration project back in June 2015 with the color blue, and I fell in love. Like most projects I started, I only lasted a few months. Back in December though, Meghan Hassold, who started the project in the first place, decided it was time to jump back in. February was fun, but it felt difficult to remain motivated to shoot when the outside temps dipped below freezing. Here is the winter version of blue. Enjoy!

-Jess 02 2017 blue


Making Brochures.

Making my own brochures. It’ll be fun, and great practice for other projects, and for help with things at The WorcShop. Five versions later, I think I really like this version. The top is the outside, with the front being the panel on the right, and the middle being the back cover. The bottom is the inside. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit proud of myself. brochures-yay