{{.Project 52 – Week 1 & 2.}}

Week 1 – Self Portrait… Jan 1, 2017     f5.0 / 1/125 / ISO4000

Week 2 – Black and White… Jan 9, 2017    f3.5 // 1/125 // ISO200



This month I’ve also hopped back into the Color Story Collaboration Project. We’re going to do red for January. I know I already did red back in July 2015, but I’m hoping to complete an entire year.It will be fun to compare my summer red to my winter red as well.

Happy Friday!


{{.Custom Art Frame – Summer Solstice.}}

I am just loving making these custom frames. I dried my mini human’s flower crown from her summer solstice session, then put it in a custom frame with a collage of my four favorite images from this session.. I. Am. In. Love.

summer solsctice custom frame art

Idea to Art // Custom Frames by True Life Pics // jess@truelifepics.com

{{.Summer Solstice 2016.}}

The summer solstice was on June 20 this year. In our house, we celebrate the changing of the seasons. For summer, I made our mini human a flower crown made out of clovers and some little purple and white flowers that I can’t identify after a couple hours of research. (I’ll edit this post to include them when I finally identify them.)

Just before sunset, I took my mini human to the field across the street , sprayed her down with bug repellant, and let her twirl around in her new summer dress. I just adore this mini human. She’s my favorite, and one of the most amazing humans I’ve ever met.

{{.Rainy Days are SO MUCH FUN.}}

Another perk of being a VIP client, is that if ever I need to create an advertisement, I offer my VIPs the first pick! I mentioned on Thursday that the weather was going to be perfect for a “Rainy Day” session, and that I wanted to start advertising on Facebook for it. I posted in the VIP facebook group that I wanted to do the shoot. One of my favorite little families said they’d LOVE to! * yay *

We met at 10:30a on Friday morning at the park. Mom and I chatted a little bit, and then we got right to playing! I’ve been photographing these mini humans for over two years now, and I’m so excited I get to watch them grow. When we meet up, I already know that E will be full of smiles and giggles, and S will want to run around. I knew that I wanted to show them the waterfall, but to do that I would have to take them through an area that snapping turtles use for laying eggs. I told the mini’s that there might be snapping turtles around, and S was a little nervous about being snapped, so I even pinky promised him I would never let that happen.

We had so much fun playing and exploring that before we knew it, we had been playing for almost an hour and a half! I just love when I get to have days like that!


truelifepics.com version

Rainy Day Fun // March 25, 2016 // truelifepics.com


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{{.Finally working through some editing.}}

Over the holidays, personal pictures get neglected all across the nation by hard working photographers. It’s fun to play catch up in January! 😉

This one is of my Love and my Mini Human. She’s adventurous and loves to climb and play. He just lets her, but he’s always there to catch her if she falls. I just love them! This is on the bike path near our house, and while it’s slightly grainy, I love it anyways. This was such a great moment from October 29, 2015.

Bike Path 10.29.2015 (108)-X2

{{.Beach House 2015.}}

This year has been a rocky one in my life. There were some not so good things, but there was a lot of time to be introspective, and time to really push myself. At the beginning of the summer, I made a promise to myself to visit the ocean more. After a cloudy afternoon, a sunset with some friends, and a sunrise with my second shooter, I took my Love, my Mini Human, and her cousin, Nephew 1 to Sandy Point. It’s probably going to be the last time we visit until next year, so it was a little bittersweet.

Someone has been building driftwood structures. We found them back when we went to the beach the first time this summer in July. This particular one was not yet built, but it was started by the time I went back the second time. The third time, it was pretty sturdy looking. This last time though, it was a little home for us for the day. It was amazing.

I’ve always felt the happiest at the side of the ocean. Hearing waves crashing and seabirds calling out, is music to my ears.  Getting to share it with people I love makes it even better. Knowing that it’s a national wildlife refuge makes it one of my favorite places I’ve ever been.

Beach House 2015 // www.truelifepics.com // facebook.com/TrueLifePicsMA

Beach House 2015 // http://www.truelifepics.com // facebook.com/TrueLifePicsMA

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{{.Brothers in the Backyard.}}

Golden hour is typically the hour (or two) leading up to sunset. It’s particularly appealing because the sun is closer to the horizon, making it’s light softer and more romantic while giving everything a beautiful golden glow.
What was going to be a golden hour baby shoot turned into a golden hour brother shoot. I just adore these two mini humans. They’re my nephews, Nephew 2 & Nephew 6.  Nephew 6 is just starting to walk. He’s still a little unsure of taking more than a handful of steps, but I feel certain that he’ll be running before we know it!

backyard brothers 001

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{{.Breezy Picnic Grounds & Water Slides.}}

This week, my mom wanted to do something fun together one last time before the summer ends, so we went to Breezy Picnic Grounds & Water Slides. All the pictures you see in the collage were taken in the first 2 hours we were there, after that, I was having so much fun I didn’t pick up my camera for the rest of the day!! For me, that’s pretty amazing. I’m *always* behind the camera! For anyone that wants to go, they’re located in Douglas, MA.

We brought our own food, and bought ice cream before we left. It was delicious! They have picnic tables along the lake and a really nice sandy beach. Lots of room for the mini humans to run and play, but the ones from our family didn’t want to leave the water. There are 3 slides, 2 of which you can ride with your 2-4 year olds on (or go solo), and the 3rd id just for a single rider at a time (so kids 5+ can go on, but not 2-4). The staff was so friendly, and so weren’t the ducks!

It was such a great day!! Thinking about visiting? Check out their website here, and their facebook page here! Want to do a beach session of your own? Check out beach session information here!

Breezy Picnic Grounds

Why I call children “mini humans”

Someone asked me the other day, why it was, that I called my daughter my “mini human”. I figure if someone that knows me in person asks, people that read this blog and follow along with my photography might be asking themselves the same thing.

Why? Well, the answer is simple. I’m a mommy. Wait, just listen before commenting..

I love my daughter. She’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met. However, she’s also her own mini human being. Full of all the emotions and stresses and moods that us adult humans have. They’re just much newer to everything, so sometimes, what we see as trivial, might actually be “the worst thing that’s ever happened”, or “the best thing that’s ever happened”. For this reason, I call her my mini human.

When I’m getting really frustrated with a situation, it helps remind me that she’s just a littler version of me, without the 30 (almost 31) years of experience. It helps give me that 2 second pause that I sometimes need. I just want to be the best mommy for my daughter, and reminding myself she’s just another human, it makes it easier for me to see through her “dramatic 8 year old” behavior and figure out what the real problem is.

I’m not going to tell you we never argue, or yell. I will tell you that it has helped me change the way I view situations. I want to teach my mini human that compassion and empathy are good qualities to have, among others. The best way to teach her, is to show her through example. Treating her like she’s another human being, who needs love and understanding when she’s feeling frustrated, and who doesn’t have as much experience with figuring out how her actions and words affect other people, will help her figure out what kind of human being she wants to be.

Mini Human - Nephew 2

“Auntie, let me eat my fruit salad.” – Nephew 2

My Mini Human

“Mom. I want to go play Minecraft now.” – My Mini Human