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Over the holidays, personal pictures get neglected all across the nation by hard working photographers. It’s fun to play catch up in January! 😉

This one is of my Love and my Mini Human. She’s adventurous and loves to climb and play. He just lets her, but he’s always there to catch her if she falls. I just love them! This is on the bike path near our house, and while it’s slightly grainy, I love it anyways. This was such a great moment from October 29, 2015.

Bike Path 10.29.2015 (108)-X2


{{.Sisters in the Fall.}}

I met with these two lovely ladies while I was shooting my Santa promotions at the always lovely, Mill Villages Park. They’re sisters. They were full of giggles and fun all for their whole mini session. It was lovely. I wish I had pictures like these of my sisters and I. To me, there’s no bond quite like the one that siblings share. I hope these ladies cherish these pictures for years to come.

Sisters in the Fall // www.truelifepics.com // facebook.com/TrueLifePicsMA

Sisters in the Fall // http://www.truelifepics.com // facebook.com/TrueLifePicsMA

{{.Stephanie & Tom – 9 year anniversary.}}

These two lovebirds recently celebrated their nine year anniversary. We met up on a beautiful fall afternoon and got to spend a little time walking around Doherty Pond in Millbury. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or nicer fall foliage. These two were so in love and playful. What a great afternoon. Happy Anniversary, Stephanie and Tom, I wish you many more years of happiness.

Fall 2015 - 9 year anniversary - www.truelifepics.com

Fall 2015 – 9 year anniversary – http://www.truelifepics.com

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