{{.Get In The Shot!}}

After a crazy year of self doubt, and self discovery, of learning and growing, I’ve realized that I don’t get in the shot enough. I’ve made it my mission to just jump in. I want to make sure that my loved ones have something to hold on to, proof of my existence..

And with that, I handed my camera over to first our dad, then my Love, so they could snap a few pictures of my sisters and I, and even a couple with my mini human. I love these girls! One day, I’m going to get all FIVE of my sisters and all of our kiddos together for a photo shoot.. One day..

#CaptureTrueLife  //  jess@truelifepics.com

siststers july 2016

{{.My Dad and my Love both did a great job!! // #CaptureTrueLife


{{.Finally working through some editing.}}

Over the holidays, personal pictures get neglected all across the nation by hard working photographers. It’s fun to play catch up in January! 😉

This one is of my Love and my Mini Human. She’s adventurous and loves to climb and play. He just lets her, but he’s always there to catch her if she falls. I just love them! This is on the bike path near our house, and while it’s slightly grainy, I love it anyways. This was such a great moment from October 29, 2015.

Bike Path 10.29.2015 (108)-X2

{{.Chicken Soup – It’s that time of year again.}}

So, it’s that time of year again. As the summer ends, school begins. School is where all the mini humans congregate to learn, socialize, and spread germs.  It’s been about 3 weeks, and my mini human is sick already. She stayed home today because she was feeling under the weather, so while she spent a big part of the day snuggled in bed, I made soup.

Now, my family will tell you, I’m not a shining star in the kitchen. To be honest, it’s usually my Love, my Gram, or my Sis that cook in our house. I have a few good (easy) recipes though, and I thought I’d share. This is my super simple chicken soup. It’s quick to prepare, and easy to cook. My mini human loves it, and when I make it, she always have more helpings than usual. I serve it with pineapple juice and ginger ale, though, not mixed together. 😉

For a soup pot, I use 2 regular sized boxes of chicken broth, about 2 lbs of whatever boneless skinless chicken is on sale, a small bag of frozen veggies, and a small bag of white potatoes. The chicken gets chopped in about 1/2″ chunks and tossed in the pot with 2 boxes of chicken broth & 1 box filled with water. I put that on medium to cook the chicken a bit while I chop the potatoes. When the potatoes are done, I turn the heat down to medium low, and add the potatoes and frozen veggies (usually the carrot and pea mix), and potatoes. I cover it, and leave it alone for about an hour. Then, serve and season to taste. I like a pinch of salt, and my Love likes a sprinkle of pepper. Enjoy!

Why I call children “mini humans”

Someone asked me the other day, why it was, that I called my daughter my “mini human”. I figure if someone that knows me in person asks, people that read this blog and follow along with my photography might be asking themselves the same thing.

Why? Well, the answer is simple. I’m a mommy. Wait, just listen before commenting..

I love my daughter. She’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met. However, she’s also her own mini human being. Full of all the emotions and stresses and moods that us adult humans have. They’re just much newer to everything, so sometimes, what we see as trivial, might actually be “the worst thing that’s ever happened”, or “the best thing that’s ever happened”. For this reason, I call her my mini human.

When I’m getting really frustrated with a situation, it helps remind me that she’s just a littler version of me, without the 30 (almost 31) years of experience. It helps give me that 2 second pause that I sometimes need. I just want to be the best mommy for my daughter, and reminding myself she’s just another human, it makes it easier for me to see through her “dramatic 8 year old” behavior and figure out what the real problem is.

I’m not going to tell you we never argue, or yell. I will tell you that it has helped me change the way I view situations. I want to teach my mini human that compassion and empathy are good qualities to have, among others. The best way to teach her, is to show her through example. Treating her like she’s another human being, who needs love and understanding when she’s feeling frustrated, and who doesn’t have as much experience with figuring out how her actions and words affect other people, will help her figure out what kind of human being she wants to be.

Mini Human - Nephew 2

“Auntie, let me eat my fruit salad.” – Nephew 2

My Mini Human

“Mom. I want to go play Minecraft now.” – My Mini Human