{{VIP Client Information.}}

Did you know that True Life Photography of MA (TLP) have a VIP program? We love to watch your families grow up, and as a Thank You for letting us be part of your family we offer 10% off session fees, and a few other fun perks to clients who come back twice!

WHO: VIP clients are clients who have been with TLP for more than 2 photo sessions.

WHEN: You become a VIP after your second photo session. For your 3rd photo session, you get to take advantage of all the VIP extras, like 10% off your session fees.

WHAT: VIP clients are the first ones I notify for model calls. You get access to a VIP group on facebook where I announce model calls, giveaways, contests, and new break out of the box ideas. When I want to try out a new technique or test out some new props. When I try out new ideas for prints and products, I’ll often use VIP client session images as well.

COST: Nothing. Becoming a VIP is not something you can buy into, but after you have two sessions with me, you become a VIP. VIP clients also get a single folder for all of their sessions, so they only need to remember one password.

Do you want to know more? Contact Jess today at jess@truelifepics.com, or text (774)293-8165!


Robins Welcome spring to New England // March 2016 // True Life Photography of MA


{{.It’s January, and I’m really going to try harder this year to blog more.}}

Every January, I say that I’m going to blog more.

“This year, I’m going to blog once a week, and I’m going to keep up with it. I’m going to engage with people on my blog, and I’m going to really keep up with it this year.”

Maybe 5 posts will go by and I’ll slack, only to return next January and do it all over again. This year will be different though!! I’m setting up my calendar with reminders for projects, the sunrise & sunset for every day, and a reminder to write a blog once a week. I’ll switch it up every week, so I have to actually check to see what day of the week I’m supposed to blog for that week. I’ve also made a list of 45 topics to write about, and stuck that list up next to the calendar (I have a post-it problem). This year, I *will* blog more. Maybe not every week, maybe I’ll quit in June again, but I will blog more. Maybe.

xo, Jess

PS: For those who are curious, here’s the link to my Project 365, which is on day 388.


Best of 2015

{{.Hula Hoop Changing Room & Reading Tent.}}

As an on location photographer, I need a little changing area that I can also fit into my car, and manage myself. I took 2 hula hoops, I cut the hula hoops, and slipped a hula hoop through each seam. Then, I cut the edge seams and used them to tie the coat hangers to the hula hoop in an “x”. My nephews LOVED playing in it.

Hula Hoop Changing Area & Reading Tent 01

Hula Hoop Changing Area & Reading Tent 01

Hula Hoop Changing Area & Reading Tent 02

Hula Hoop Changing Area & Reading Tent 02

Hula Hoop Changing Area & Reading Tent 03

Hula Hoop Changing Area & Reading Tent 03