{{.Meddlesome’s Kits, Day 3 at The WorcShop.}}

My Love and my Mini Human went to work with me for a bit today to clean up after this crazy week at Studio 12.

I could not resist wrapping the kits in lace and doing a mini photo session with them after I did their weight check this morning. They are so adorable! My Mini Human has decided that she wants to keep Kit 3 (the mostly black one). I can’t say that I put up too much of a fight on that.

If you’d like to see the kits, please contact theworcshop@gmail.com to set up an appointment with their “fur mom / fur grandma” Void SansAnge.

Meddlesome's Kits - Day 3


To see more of The WorcShop bunnies, visit: http://www.truelifepics.com/Galleries/LetsGetLocal/TheWorcShop/MischievousMeddlesome/







{{.Summer Solstice 2016.}}

The summer solstice was on June 20 this year. In our house, we celebrate the changing of the seasons. For summer, I made our mini human a flower crown made out of clovers and some little purple and white flowers that I can’t identify after a couple hours of research. (I’ll edit this post to include them when I finally identify them.)

Just before sunset, I took my mini human to the field across the street , sprayed her down with bug repellant, and let her twirl around in her new summer dress. I just adore this mini human. She’s my favorite, and one of the most amazing humans I’ve ever met.

It’s been a while.

I know, I know. I keep saying I’m going to get this blog on track. Honestly, when I say it, I really mean it at the moment. Life happens though, and family things sometimes get in the way.

I’ve been away from my business since April, and things are finally starting to get back to “normal”. I’m really hoping to start blogging again, for real this time. 😉

Last week, my mini human decided that going outside to see a rainbow and a really cool sky was tolerable, so she twirled for me a few times in the field near us. I think I’m finally ready to get things back on track, just in time for summer sunsets!

Here’s to more sunset twirling in the months to come! -Jess

sunset twirling blog

My Mini Human, twirling in the field near us. I’m going to miss it when she’s “too old” to twirl in the late spring sunset.

{{.Baby J’s Smash Cake Session.}}

Use your “Mini Session for ANY reason” for a smash cake! That’s what Baby J’s mommy did! He was NOT  interested in being sticky, but as soon as he tasted the frosting, he was into it.. For about 5 minutes! His mommy did a great job on the cake and he enjoyed it so much.   Happy first birthday Baby J!!

For more information on mini sessions and photography packages, please visit: http://www.truelifepics.com/PortfolioPricing/PricingInfo   [OR] to book a session, please e-mail:jess@truelifepics.com