Color Story Orange. March 2017

I joined the Color Story Collaboration project back in June 2015 with the color blue, and I fell in love. Like most projects I started, I only lasted a few months. Back in December though, Meghan Hassold, who started the project in the first place, decided it was time to jump back in. March was interesting, and I did not realize how much orange I see in my everyday life. Also, it was a good excuse for Chinese food. Just sayin’… I hope you enjoy my March 2017 Orange!



Color Story Blue. February 2017

I joined the Color Story Collaboration project back in June 2015 with the color blue, and I fell in love. Like most projects I started, I only lasted a few months. Back in December though, Meghan Hassold, who started the project in the first place, decided it was time to jump back in. February was fun, but it felt difficult to remain motivated to shoot when the outside temps dipped below freezing. Here is the winter version of blue. Enjoy!

-Jess 02 2017 blue

{{.Project 52 – Week 1 & 2.}}

Week 1 – Self Portrait… Jan 1, 2017     f5.0 / 1/125 / ISO4000

Week 2 – Black and White… Jan 9, 2017    f3.5 // 1/125 // ISO200



This month I’ve also hopped back into the Color Story Collaboration Project. We’re going to do red for January. I know I already did red back in July 2015, but I’m hoping to complete an entire year.It will be fun to compare my summer red to my winter red as well.

Happy Friday!

{{.Heart Health Awareness.}}

February is heart health awareness month. Did you know that I (Jess) am a two time heart surgery survivor.

My first surgery was in October 1984, just 4 months after I was born. The doctors tried a new procedure, and used veins from the back of my leg to repair my heart, instead of putting in synthetic ones that would have to be replaced as I grew.


Me in 1984 at Boston Children’s Hospital – After open heart surgery for “miswired” veins in the heart – they experimented on me and used veins from the back of my leg to repair my heart

They told my parents that I would be lucky to reach the age of 2. When I was 2, they told my mom I would be on medication for the rest of my life. When I was 5, they told my mom that I would be just fine. She never treated me like I was sick, and as she says “I just let you take naps whenever you were tired”. Now, I’m almost 32, and I KNOW I have limits, and I don’t push myself too hard (usually 😉 )…

Then, when I was 12, I started having crazy chest pains. I wouldn’t be able to breathe and it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. It didn’t last long, only a minute or two, but I’d be exhausted after. This went on for years. When I was 16, I finally started seeing a cardiologist again, and after just 2 heart monitors and 3 visits, I was told I needed to have another operation.

My cardiologist was stunned when I didn’t freak out, but honestly, after hearing for years the only reason I was having these chest pains was because I was “too skinny”, it was really nice to know there was an answer for it. There was a reason I felt awful. New Years Eve 2001, I went in for my second surgery.

Now, I’ve gotten an (almost) 30 extra years, and I’ve got a mini human. I love hiking, exploring, and in general, not defining my life by my limitations.

chest scars

2016 – Now, almost 32 years later

{{.It’s January, and I’m really going to try harder this year to blog more.}}

Every January, I say that I’m going to blog more.

“This year, I’m going to blog once a week, and I’m going to keep up with it. I’m going to engage with people on my blog, and I’m going to really keep up with it this year.”

Maybe 5 posts will go by and I’ll slack, only to return next January and do it all over again. This year will be different though!! I’m setting up my calendar with reminders for projects, the sunrise & sunset for every day, and a reminder to write a blog once a week. I’ll switch it up every week, so I have to actually check to see what day of the week I’m supposed to blog for that week. I’ve also made a list of 45 topics to write about, and stuck that list up next to the calendar (I have a post-it problem). This year, I *will* blog more. Maybe not every week, maybe I’ll quit in June again, but I will blog more. Maybe.

xo, Jess

PS: For those who are curious, here’s the link to my Project 365, which is on day 388.


Best of 2015

{{.Color Story – ORANGE- October 2015.}}

A few months ago, I joined a facebook of other talented photographers who were doing a color story collaboration. Every month, we shoot images of a particular color (one that the group admins have picked out). This month, October 2015, was orange. While Orange isn’t my favorite color, I happen to live in Massachusetts. In the fall, Mother Nature decks New England in beautiful autumn colors, orange being one of them, so I feel like I cheated a little, because this month was so “easy” to find orange. I was really inspired to do a square collage this month too, because of the number of persimmons and leaf pictures. I had just had to. I hope you enjoy, furthermore, I hope these inspire you to find the color in your life!

Orange Color Story // //

Orange Color Story // //

Orange Color Story Squared // //

Orange Color Story Squared // //

{{.Color Study – BLACK – September 2015.}}

For the last few months, I’ve been participating in a group on facebook of a few other photographers who are doing what we’re calling a color story collaboration. Each month we focus on capturing images of a certain color. Last month, September 2015, was the color black.

This month was rather difficult for me, as I’ve come to realize there is even less black in and around my house than there was gold. I decided because of this, I was going to change it up a bit. I made two collages, one that was completely silhouettes and one of an actual study.  I had so much fun doing the silhouettes.

BLACK silhouette color study // // // September 2015

BLACK silhouette color study // // // September 2015

If you’re interested, check out GOLD, RED, and BLUE! To learn more about the color story collaboration, PM me on the facebook page!

{{.Then vs Now – 001.}}

The only person you have to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

I’m going to start a new project, called “Then VS Now”. Every week, I’ll go into my archives and grab a picture I took years ago (at least 5), and I’ll post it, side by side to show my own personal growth.

I remember a really painful moment a few years back, when I mentioned to someone that I would do their pictures for them for free if I could put them in my portfolio. They told me they wanted a real photographer to do it. Ouch. Years later though, I see the work I did then, and I’m glad they went with a pro. About 70,000 images later, I now feel I could confidently shoot their pictures, and I know I would give them frame-worthy shots.

Sometimes though, my mind wanders back to that conversation, and I feel like, at any moment, everyone will see that there is someone out there better than I am. (There is, it’s ok, that’s why we all keep growing.) I’m hoping that this project will help me to remember that I *am* growing, and I’m always getting better. Maybe that shot didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted to, so let’s figure out how to fix it.

I hope that by sharing this project with you, I can help you realize that you’re a perfectly imperfect human being too. True life is better than the fairy tale, and it is beautiful. Even if I don’t capture it for you, you should capture it for yourself.


Then vs. Now - September 18, 2015 //

Then vs. Now – September 18, 2015 //